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The Bravest Cat Ever

Cat VideoIt’s no secret cats are brave & territorial animals, they have a high fear threshold and no problem defending themselves & their territory. Frankly, as long as you are willing to accept them as master of their domain you’ll get along just fine.

It’s All About Respect

Unfortunately this little black bear neglected to ask kitty’s permission before entering his yard (bad move Grizzly Adams) because the cat is having none of it. It’s clear kitty’s mom is far more worried about the situation than the cat, who is positively livid at that bear!
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Persian – Ancient Cat Breeds


Image from chloe delong

Perhaps one of the most widely recognized of the domestic cat breeds, Persians can be found throughout on laps the world over. Their signature coat & arresting are all part of their charm.

Unknown Native

Although this breed is named for their original country of origin, heiroglyphic references to the breed date back to 1684 BC creating questions about the exact origins of the Persian cat. These animals were prized by the Persians, held in higher regard than even spices & jewels.

An Interesting Twist

It is rather interesting that an animal from such a southern area would develop long coats. However it is thought that perhaps they migrated down from areas in the south of Siberia. The lack of concrete evidence of their origins may leave this question unanswered.
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Gifts for Cat Lovers

Kitchen CatsNow that we’ve gotten through most of the major winter holidays it’s smooth sailing and time to spend a little of that holiday cash on something fun.

Just Because

You don’t need a bank holiday to buy someone (or yourself) a little something special and we will continue to provide kitty gift ideas throughout the year (in case you want to stay ahead of the game). Today we are taking a look at a selection of general cat gifts, something for everyone. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Cat Stamps 2

Cat StampAwhile back we posted part one of our cat stamps and it’s about time we posted another one. There are an amazing number of colorful & artistic stamps on the letters of the world.

Cats in the Mail

Although we’d love to get some of these stamps in the mail, we’d be loathe to use them. The artwork is fantastic and it’s interesting to see how each country represents their cat fancies. Interestingly enough, there are a larger % of animal stamps from Germany overall, but Moldova & Azerbaijan come in right on it’s tails.

Some of the art is serious, some of it whimsical, but all of it uses our feline friends as subjects.

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Cat Food Ads to The Swordfish Soundtrack

Cat VideoIn our many cat flavored youtube searches we ran across this fantastic set of videos. There are five of them, each one created by the same guy – one who watches far too much tv.

Each video below is a commercial for cat food, made about a million times better by the dubbed Swordfish soundtrack. The guy who created them is convinced that you can replace the music in any cat commercial with a quite from the movie soundtrack…too funny.
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Cats in Heraldry

Cats in HeraldryA few weeks back we featured a variety of cat stamps from around the world & it got us to thinking. Cats have been companions to mankind for thousands of years and should have made their mark on heraldry as well.

Theory Proven

As we started looking were were excited to see that there is a great variety of crests that use cats as symbols. And we aren’t even talking about lions & tigers, these all feature domesticated cats…kitty cats.
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Cats in the Kitchen

Kitchen CatsIt’s about that time of the year again, so if you are a last minute kind of person this post is for you. We’ve collected some of the coolest cat theme kitchen accessories ever.

Kitchen Kitty

We love having cats all around us, but it’s all about being stylish. Here is enough of a selection of cat kitchen items to provide lively accents or if you want to cover your kitchen in cats entirely. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Korat – Ancient Cat Breeds


Image from NickHodge

The Korat or Si-Sawat cat has long been a symbol of good luck & fertility to the Thai people. They are often given to brides as wedding presents to ensure a good pairing & long union.

Thai Natives

The first reference to this breed goes back to an ancient book of paintings & prose called the Cat-Book Poems (which can still be seen in the Natural Library of Bangkok). This book is thought to have been written & illustrated at some point between the mid 14th to med 18th centuries.
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Cat Jewelry

Cat JewelryWe all know how difficult it is to find animal theme jewelry without the cheese factor. Unfortunately cats are included in this, so we decided to track down some cool cat jewelry to share with you.

Kitty Bling

Many cat people like to keep some cat around them at all times & we can appreciate that so we wanted to help. The items below were hand selected based on their quality, artistic value & their lack of that cheese factor we talked about. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Big Cat Line Drawings

PumaWe’ve already featured the small & medium cats and created a special post for our favorite the tiger and this week we’ve got some more of the big cats for your coloring pleasure.

Yours For The Taking

We love the public domain, as it allows us to bring you a level of high quality cat you can’t get anywhere else. We hunted long and hard to track these line drawings down so you better color a few of them & make them your own.
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