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Bathroom Kitty

Cats in the BathroomLets face it, cat lovers generally want cats where ever they go & we are here to help them do it. With the holidays around the corner it’s important to get good ideas wherever you can.

Helping You Help Yourself

In the weeks to come (and probably beyond) we’ll be featuring cat theme products of all shapes & sizes. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Calico Cat Colors

Cat ColorsThe calico is not a breed of cat, but rather a coat coloration that can be found in many different breeds. However some breeds have specific guidelines as to what % of the coat may be white.

Classic Calico

This is a tri-colored pattern with definite patches of red or orange, white & black fur. These colors can be diluted to lighter variations of the same, (called dilute or pastel calico). Their colors are lightened to a cream instead of orange & blue instead of black…white hair remains the same.

Mistaken Identity

Calico’s can be mistaken for other coat patterns but they are fairly easy to identify. Their distinct spots must be of a solid color (often the color runs along the topline while the undersides are generally white). If the orange & black hairs are mixed then they aren’t calico but tortoiseshell (we’ll look at them in more depth as well).
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Cats for Youngsters

Cats for BabyWe’re not saying the holidays are on the way (ahem, we are only hinting at it) by sharing all of our fun & fab cat theme gift ideas with our readers. We’ve been collection all year long & have some fun stuff in store for you.

Loving The Cat

It’s easy to find things for cat lovers, but not all of them possess the inherent coolness of our feline friends. We tried to do them justice by hand selecting items based on their quality, as well as their ‘cool’ factor. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Scuba Diving Cat

Cat VideoWe’ve seen some strange things in our cat searches online, but this one blows them all away. Take everything you know about cats & throw it out the window because here is a cat that actually likes to scuba dive!

Never Seen Anything Like It

Cats are intelligent & fearless creatures which means that they often find themselves in interesting situations. (Hey, it’s one of the reasons we like them). This happens to be a very good example of cats taking the world by storm & we wonder where he’ll end up next.
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Hello Kitty in the Kitchen

Hello Kitty in the KitchenAs we speed towards colder weather and shorter days it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. It’s never too soon to be prepared for what’s to come so we’ve collected a number of fun cat theme gifts to share.

Why Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is perhaps the most prolific cat around, she’s literally got her paws into everything. We hand selected our favorite Hello Kitty accessories from avalanche out there based on quality & overall cuteness factor. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Small & Medium Cat Line Drawings For Coloring

Snow LeopardA few weeks back we posted some tiger line drawings with the promise of more & here they are. We searched high and low & were able to come up with a great & varied collection of line art to show.

Make Them Your Own

Today we are featuring the smaller and medium sized cats (including the domestic kind & one strange lion creature) like the bobcat, lynx & serval. There are several sizes of each and they are just begging to be colored in & we say loose tradition, drawings don’t need camouflage…get colorful! If you like the big cats best, don’t worry we’ve got more than just tigers for you to color in.
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Thirsty Cat

Thirsty Cat

Image from Swami Stream

Cats are amazing creatures and we do love to look at (lots of) pictures of them. Some images stand out more than others & often one image will give us an idea that we will build a whole post around.
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Cat Stamps

Cat StampCat art comes in all shapes & sizes and we are determined to bring you the most unique collections. So here is another piece of our cat art puzzle, stamps that feature our feline friends.

Majestic Cat

The stamps below are a good representation of cats as seen by countries around the world. It seems that some countries (like Germany) are far more prone to putting animals on their postage but we got as wide a collection as we could.
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Cats Riding Things

Cat VideoAlthough there is nothing lazy about cats, they have been known to take the easy way out on more than one occasion. We think it’s just because they are smart enough to work most situations to their advantage.

They Look So Smug

We are sure there are more videos of clever cats riding things out there and we’ll keep collecting them to share. For now here is a strange selection of felines who just didn’t feel like getting their feet dirty.
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British Shorthair – Ancient Cats

British Shorthair

Image from Paterples

The British Shorthair is the oldest of the native English cat breeds and one of the larger domesticated cat breeds of the world. They were officially recognized as a breed in the late 19th century.

British Natives

The ancestors of this breed came to Britain from Rome and crossed with native wild cats. Later they were bred to Persians which achieved the goal of improving their coat. This shorthair has long been prized in Britain for their physical strength and hunting prowess.
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