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Siamese – Ancient Cat Breeds

By Paige
Siamese Cat

Image © Abe K

Although not many people have seen one in the flesh, Siamese cats are among the most distinguishable breeds on the planet. Their sleek profile simply looks fit for a king.

Thai Natives

This breed comes from the kingdom Siam (which is now called Thailand) where they are thought to descend from sacred temple cats. They are a legendary symbol of good luck & thought to ward off evil spirits which meant their aristocratic profile only graced temples and the homes of the royalty.

An Interesting Twist

Today there are two types of the breed, one the traditional Siamese with an apple shaped head and a robust build and the modern animal with a triangular head and a lithe, slender body.

Whether it’s an old or new type, the Siamese has eyes of the most arresting shade of blue.

Siamese Cat

Those Peepers

Although it used to be common to find this breed with crossed eyes, it’s probably not a natural trait. Today it’s discouraged by most breeders and their appearance is rarer.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese is an incredibly vocal & intelligent animal that is known for their affectionate (& sometimes demanding) attitude. They expect their people to keep them entertained.

Siamese Cat

A Colorful Breed

Although there are two types, just because a cat carries the traditional point coloring doesn’t make it a Siamese. Crossed with other animals, this distinct coloration can be passed along to impure bloodlines. The Seal point coloring is perhaps the most recognized coloration and is accepted in several diluted varieties as well.

Ancient Cats

We’ve got more ancient cat breed profiles on the way. For now, why not learn more about the ancient Abyssinian, the British Shorthair, Korat, Persian & the Egyptian Mau breeds?

3 Responses to “Siamese – Ancient Cat Breeds”

What's Yours?

  1. Anthony says:

    The Siamese cat is undeniably stunning and fit for royalty. I would love to just see one in person, let alone bring one into my home.

  2. Sara Smith says:

    I love my flame point Siamese, he occasionally will just stare at you and meow…and meow…and meow some more. XP

  3. Aidan says:

    My friend has a cross eyed Siamese and she is so feisty! Do not pet her! I do love her though.

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