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It Turns Out Cats Love Horses

By Paige

Cat VideoWhile it’s no surprise to us (because we think horses are pretty awesome) cats really seem to have a thing for the large hoofed creatures.

Makes Sense

While it seems unlikely, it makes sense that the two would get along. The horse has no problem allowing kitty to be alpha and cats tend to be of the fearless sort.

Feisty Cat Finds A New Toy

Gary The Cat Rides Horses

The Cat That Loves Horses

Horse & Cat In Love

A Strange Duo

If you liked these you’ll love Even Cats Love Horses which features a bunch of fantastic images of this unlikely pair.

2 Responses to “It Turns Out Cats Love Horses”

What's Yours?

  1. SUSAN JONES says:

    These videos are great. I don’t have cats but I enjoyed watching these videos. I can’t believe the horses are that patient. The cats were really comical. Found your videos by accident but have really enjoyed them. I don’t have horse either but found interspecies love very entertaining.

  2. doug says:

    Owned a fabulous quarter horse for 27 years and cats were always a friend to all the equines in all the barns in all the states where my gelding was stabled. Never did i see an incident otherwise. In texas, where the winters could’ve be somewhat cold, the cats would sleep on the horses’ backs at night.

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