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Pointed Cat Colors

By Paige

Cat ColorsThe earliest pointed cats were Siamese, although the coloring has since spread, many people erroneously assume a pointed cat is, in fact, Siamese. Today there are a variety of breeds that display this characteristic.

Quick Education

All of the colors & patterns are based on a few basic solid colors, from there a variety of patterns & dilutions can be displayed. Today we are looking at pointed animals which don’t just come in solid colors, tabbies can be pointed too.

Pointed animals are bright cream with colored (or patterned) face, feet & tail. We stuck to the basic solid colors here.

Red (or Flame) Point

Red Point Cat

Image from Kamee
Cream Point

Cream Point Cat

Image from Kekka
Seal Point

Seal Point Cat

Image from julicath/Cath
Blue Point

Blue Point Cat

Image from mikeandanna
Lilac Point

Lilac Point Cat

Image from Francesca Pinto

A Whole Rainbow

Until we got started we had no idea cats came in such a rainbow of colors. If you enjoyed this be sure to check out solid cat colors, bi-colored cats and tabby patterns & colors (both classic & spotted).

4 Responses to “Pointed Cat Colors”

What's Yours?

  1. Sara Smith says:

    I own a American short hair-Siamese mix whose a flame point. :)

  2. Linda says:

    I have a mix but she is colored flame point!

  3. sosy says:

    I have a flame point :)

  4. Aidan says:

    My friend has a Seal Point!

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