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Bi-Colored Cat Coats

By Paige

Cat ColorsThere is a huge variety of different cat colors, so many in fact that we are sure to miss a few here & there. But we wanted to bring you some of the basics, so you’ll know just by looking what color & pattern a cat is.

Quick Education

All of the colors & patterns are based on a few basic solid colors, from there a variety of patterns & dilutions can be displayed. Today we are taking a look at bi-colored cats which always show spots of white & one other color (or pattern).

There are five basic colors, black, red, blue, cream & brown. Here are examples of each bi-colored one (one or two of them are tabby’s too).

Black & White

Black & White Cat

Image from CalistaZ
Red & White

Red & White Cat

Image from Werner100359
Blue & White

Blue & White Cat

Image from Diginatur
Chocolate & White

Chocolate & White Cat

Cream & White

Cream & White Cat

We Love Them All

There is something about the contrast of bright white and a splash of a rich color, we simply can’t pic a fave. If you want to learn more about cat coloring be sure to check out solid cat colors and tabby patterns & colors (both classic & spotted).

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  1. Saul Otter says:

    I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this website. Keep up the good work.

  2. Vixenne says:

    There is an error – the picture of chocolate & white is not the chocolate cat. It is brown tabby with white. Please note the reverse M on the forehead and ringed tail.

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