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Classic Tabby Cat Colors

By Paige

Cat ColorsThere are four different types of tabby coats (who knew?), the Mackerel, the spotted, the ticked and the classic, which we will be looking at today. Each of these patterns come in a wide variety of colors and dilutions.

Classic Tabby Cat

The classic pattern has bold, dark lines, swirls and bullseye patterns. Their sides are highly decorated and they generally have thick, dark lines running down the middle of their back.


Although there are different types, there are several characteristics common to all tabbies.

  • Eyelid skin is dark & surrounded by light colored fur, creating a dramatic eyeliner effect
  • Chin is light colored fur
  • Roots of whiskers are dark
  • Dark line running from outer corner of eye towards cheek
  • Dark colored M on the forehead between the eyes
  • Darkest color in pattern on bottom of feet & between toes
  • Dark along back of hind legs and tip of tail

Classic Tabby Colors

Blue Classic Tabby

Blue Classic Tabby Cat

Image from Rydden213
Brown Classic Tabby

Brown Classic Tabby Cat

Image from Lengoma
Cream Classic Tabby

Cream Classic Tabby Cat

Red Classic Tabby

Red Classic Tabby Cat

Image from Derek Harper
Silver Classic Tabby

Silver Classic Tabby Cat

Image from Jorbasa

Which is Your Favorite?

There is plenty more tabby to come, stay tuned to take a closer look at the 3 remaining types. Until then, why not go check out the solid cat colors?

4 Responses to “Classic Tabby Cat Colors”

What's Yours?

  1. Lorraine says:

    I like the blue, the red, and the cream specifically because they are more unusual. My macarel tabby just gave birth to a silver classic tabby.

  2. aerodarts says:

    I just adopted a Red Classical Tabby..He is 6 months..I just learned about the Tabby Markings…He has a M on the forehead…I thought he was Mack and now I can tell for sure he is classical..I really like the blue and the brown..but I love my Cat (Zen).. He learned a little something about territory…the nearby older cat gave him a bit a scared the other night…I am taking Zen outside now..he is getting bolder and wants to explore…oh well…cats, cats, cats!

  3. Linda says:

    I have a buff orange male but he has a white bib and paws. He has circle patterns instead of stripes.

  4. Sten says:

    The first one isn’t a blue classic tabby, but a seal (classic) lynx point cat.

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