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Solid Cat Colors

By Paige

Cat ColorsCats come in a wide variety of colors, dilutions and patterns. That rainbow is part of our inspiration so we thought we look a little closer at the different patterns & colors.

The Basics First

Starting at the beginning, there are a number of solid colors, their coats are made up of only one hair color. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we started researching we realized just how deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes.

In the coming weeks we’ll go through the many patterns & dilutions that affect these colors in detail.

From blue to red to chocolate, solid colors are more interesting than you may think.


Black Cat

Image from Hisahsa

Bue Cat


Chocolate Cat

Image from Martin_Bahmann

Cinnamon Cat

Image from Martin_Bahmann

Cream Cat

Image from Rawet05

Red Cat

Image from UweBKK

White Cat

Image from Lite


There is plenty more to come, these solic colors are pretty self explanatory, but the patterns are more specific.

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  1. Vixenne says:

    Please, an error occured – the cinnamon cat is not real cinnamon, it is a ticked tabby abysinian cat.
    Cinnamon cats looks different – nearly like milk chocolate – for example cinnamon british shortair cat is here:

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