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Tiger Line Drawings For Coloring

By Paige

Tiger Line DrawingThere is something about cats that makes us want to capture their spirit (& sleek physique) in artistic ways. They are simply liquid motion and conveying that isn’t always easy.

Love Those Artists

Lucky for us, there are those out there who can capture cats they way they should be and they have created a great variety of line drawings of our feline friends. We’ll be sharing them all with you in the weeks to come, but today it’s all about our favorite…the tigers.

*Click on each image or use the links underneath to see medium or large versions of each one.

Tiger Line Drawing

Tiger Line Drawing

Tiger Line Drawing

More Art On The Way

We’ve got a lot more of these drawings to share & will continue to post them in the coming weeks. Until then, why not get some inspiration from a great collection of tiger street art.

3 Responses to “Tiger Line Drawings For Coloring”

What's Yours?

  1. Cate Page says:


    I was hoping to use these line drawing images for a fund raising event at my son’s school fair. we are raising money for the World Wildlife Fund ‘Save the Tiger” program. May I have your permission to print the copies and use in a colouring – in contest. The images will not be published anywhere.

    Thank you

    • Felinest says:

      Feel free to use them, they are all in the public domain for anyone to use. :) What a great cause, we’d love to see pictures of the contest!

  2. Cate Page says:

    Thanks so much. Will let you know how it goes.

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