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Scuba Diving Cat

By Paige

Cat VideoWe’ve seen some strange things in our cat searches online, but this one blows them all away. Take everything you know about cats & throw it out the window because here is a cat that actually likes to scuba dive!

Never Seen Anything Like It

Cats are intelligent & fearless creatures which means that they often find themselves in interesting situations. (Hey, it’s one of the reasons we like them). This happens to be a very good example of cats taking the world by storm & we wonder where he’ll end up next.

Swimming Cats

In our experience cats just don’t like large bodies of water and will do almost anything they can to avoid them (& we’ve got the bath time scratches to prove it!) So this video was a fun challenge to everyone’s ideas about cats…especially when you consider that many of the big cats enjoy a dip from time to time. Don’t believe us? Check out some images of swimming tigers for proof.

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