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Tiger Line Drawings For Coloring

Tiger Line DrawingThere is something about cats that makes us want to capture their spirit (& sleek physique) in artistic ways. They are simply liquid motion and conveying that isn’t always easy.

Love Those Artists

Lucky for us, there are those out there who can capture cats they way they should be and they have created a great variety of line drawings of our feline friends. We’ll be sharing them all with you in the weeks to come, but today it’s all about our favorite…the tigers.
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Spotted Tabby Cat Colors

Cat ColorsThe tabby family has four different types of coat patterns, the classic, the mackerel, the ticked and the spotted, which we will take a closer look at today. Each coat pattern comes in a brilliant array of colors and dilutions.

Spotted Tabby Cat

Spotted Tabbies have small spots that form a pattern, instead of the characteristic lines of the classic & Mackerel patterns. Spotted patterns are found naturally on most wild cats & are often found on more exotic domestic breeds.


All four of the tabby patterns share several characteristics that distinguish tabbies from other patterns.
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Cats in Art 3

The Monkey Painter

The Monkey Painter by Ferdinand van Kessel

Welcome to the final edition of our cats in art collection, were we find cool old cat art to share with you. If you haven’t seen them already, be sure to check out part 1 and part 2.

We’ve been moving on to art of some of the bigger cats and so far we’ve also posted a lion or two (or three). The artists & images we present to you come from all over the globe & span many cultures. It’s interesting to see how similarly (& tenderly) the cat is almost always portrayed.
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Mackerel Tabby Cat Colors

Cat ColorsThere are four different types of tabby coat patterns, the classic, the spotted, the ticked and the mackerel which we will take a look at today. Each of these patterns come in a great variety of different dilutions & colors.

Mackerel Tabby Cat

Perhaps what most people think of when they think of tabbies, this pattern has characteristic vertical stripes that run parallel up & down the cats sides. The kind of look like they are wearing pinstripe suits.


Each different tabby pattern has its own specific characteristics, however some physical elements are native to all tabby patterns.
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Lions in Art 3

The Sleeping Gypsy

The Sleeping Gypsy – Henri Rousseau

It’s official, artists love lions. We managed to find art from all over the globe depicting the strong and sultry cattiness of the king of the jungle.

It’s not just about lions, we’ve been doing a lot of art appreciating lately and have more to share. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first two parts in the series, Lion Art Pt. 1 & Pt. 2.
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Classic Tabby Cat Colors

Cat ColorsThere are four different types of tabby coats (who knew?), the Mackerel, the spotted, the ticked and the classic, which we will be looking at today. Each of these patterns come in a wide variety of colors and dilutions.

Classic Tabby Cat

The classic pattern has bold, dark lines, swirls and bullseye patterns. Their sides are highly decorated and they generally have thick, dark lines running down the middle of their back.


Although there are different types, there are several characteristics common to all tabbies.
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Solid Cat Colors

Cat ColorsCats come in a wide variety of colors, dilutions and patterns. That rainbow is part of our inspiration so we thought we look a little closer at the different patterns & colors.

The Basics First

Starting at the beginning, there are a number of solid colors, their coats are made up of only one hair color. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we started researching we realized just how deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes.

In the coming weeks we’ll go through the many patterns & dilutions that affect these colors in detail.

From blue to red to chocolate, solid colors are more interesting than you may think.

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Lions in Art 2

A Lion Laying Down

A Lion Laying Down – Rembrandt

It’s not hard to imagine why artists are drawn to subjects like lions. There is something quite regal about them and their slightly sneering nonchalance makes them seem larger than life.

We’ve visited lions in art before and we are going to do it again.
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Abyssinian – Ancient Cat Breeds


Image from John Morton

The origins of this breed are a mystery, however physically they resemble cats found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is believed that the modern Abyssinian is a descendant of those cats.

Africa Natives

The two main breeds of cat native to that part of Africa are the Jungle Cat and the African Wildcat. In appearance the Abyssinian has many physical traits associated with the Wildcat.

An Interesting Twist

Over the centuries feline blood from many different walks of life contributed to this breeds development. In fact, today’s Abyssinian breed was largely influenced by English breeders who brought the breed to the UK in the mid 19th century.
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Pink Panther Graffiti

Pink Panther Graffiti

Image from apwbATTACK

Out of all the panthers out there, the Pink Panther is probably the coolest. Accompanied by smooth jazz music and a knowing gaze, he just oozes kitty cat cool.

Graffiti artists seem to agree because we were able to find quite a few shots of this panther spray painted onto walls. Some of the art is better than others, but they all convey the slick cat vibes of our pink friend.
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