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Lions in Art 3

By Paige

The Sleeping Gypsy

The Sleeping Gypsy – Henri Rousseau

It’s official, artists love lions. We managed to find art from all over the globe depicting the strong and sultry cattiness of the king of the jungle.

It’s not just about lions, we’ve been doing a lot of art appreciating lately and have more to share. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first two parts in the series, Lion Art Pt. 1 & Pt. 2.

For now, sit back and enjoy a few more excellent pieces of lion art.

A Pride of Lions

A Pride of Lions – Jean Baptiste Huet

Riding a Shishi Lion

Riding a Shishi Lion – Hokusai Shoki

Horse is Attacked by a Lion

Horse is Attacked by a Lion – George Stubbs

The Shepherd David

The Shepherd David – Elizabeth Jane Gardner

Portrait of Isabella Saltonstall as Una

Portrait of Isabella Saltonstall as Una – George Stubbs


Lion – Paul Friedrich Meyerheim

Just The Beginning

We started with domestic cat art and worked our way through lions, but we have a lot more cat art to share.

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