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Mackerel Tabby Cat Colors

By Paige

Cat ColorsThere are four different types of tabby coat patterns, the classic, the spotted, the ticked and the mackerel which we will take a look at today. Each of these patterns come in a great variety of different dilutions & colors.

Mackerel Tabby Cat

Perhaps what most people think of when they think of tabbies, this pattern has characteristic vertical stripes that run parallel up & down the cats sides. The kind of look like they are wearing pinstripe suits.


Each different tabby pattern has its own specific characteristics, however some physical elements are native to all tabby patterns.

  • Chin is light colored fur
  • Roots of whiskers are dark
  • Dark colored M on the forehead between the eyes
  • Dark line running from outer corner of eye towards cheek
  • Eyelid skin is dark & surrounded by light colored fur, creating a dramatic eyeliner effect
  • Dark along back of hind legs and tip of tail
  • Darkest color in pattern on bottom of feet & between toes

Mackerel Tabby Colors

Blue Mackerel Tabby

Blue Mackerel Tabby Cat

Image from nzlawyer
Brown Mackerel Tabby

Brown Mackerel Tabby Cat

Image from Fred_Hsu
Cream Mackerel Tabby

Cream Mackerel Tabby Cat

Image from Aurel Grone
Red Mackerel Tabby

Red Mackerel Tabby Cat

Image from Alvesgaspar
Silver Mackerel Tabby

Silver Mackerel Tabby Cat

Image from 3268zauber

Colorful Cats

Be sure to stay tuned to learn more about the remaining two tabby patterns. Until then, go check out classic tabby cat coats and the rainbow of solid colors as well.

5 Responses to “Mackerel Tabby Cat Colors”

What's Yours?

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for this info, I have a brown mackerel tabby!

  2. arisblaze says:

    Huh… I have had all but the blue. Strangely enough when my red mackerel died (at the age of 14), his fur had faded to to a cream. Is that common?

  3. Mel says:

    Cat`s hair lightens as they age, Arisblaze. :-)

  4. Jinsune says:

    I have a Mackerel Tabby, but she isn’t any of the colors listed she has black stripes with pepper-white running between them… I think she’s also a calico because she has small areas of orangeish-brown. But they are only present on a few spots on her belly and a few light spots on her face and body. I’m so confused about what her color pattern is and it would be so helpful if someone could tell me. Thank you.

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