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Cats Riding Things

By Paige

Cat VideoAlthough there is nothing lazy about cats, they have been known to take the easy way out on more than one occasion. We think it’s just because they are smart enough to work most situations to their advantage.

They Look So Smug

We are sure there are more videos of clever cats riding things out there and we’ll keep collecting them to share. For now here is a strange selection of felines who just didn’t feel like getting their feet dirty.

We just have one thing question to ask in the ‘cats are smarter than dogs’ controversy, what do you see dogs riding?






We Know Which Vid You Liked The Best

That’s why we saved it for last. The turtle has to be the most unique form of transportation used by a feline in this little collection, and a kitten no less. Watch out! That may grow up to be the cat that takes over the world! If you liked the vids you might also like some funny cat pics (Pt. 2 & Pt. 3).

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