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Funny Cat Pictures

By Paige

Funny Cat Picture

Image from Albert Ma

It’s not easy to catch a cat being cute on film, the chances of them being in the mood & you having a camera at the exact same time are slim indeed.

Cats pretend to be serious, but the truth is they have a wicked sense of humor. These photographers managed to do the impossible & get some great shots of cats letting their freak flag fly.

Funny Cat Picture

Nobody walks into my yard without permission!

Funny Cat Picture

Sorry, this one is taken
Image from jah~ swamped

Funny Cat Picture

Ahoy mate, I’m ready to go fishing
Image from DonGato

Funny Cat Picture

Ready to run out of the box
Image from Sapphiren

Funny Cat Picture

Gypsy Cat
Image from Kettukusu

Funny Cat Picture

Preparing for the beauty pageant is exhausting
Image from Harshad Sharma

Funny Cat Picture

Waiting for the right moment
Image from philippe leroyer

Funny Cat Picture

I’ll have a glass of water & a tuna salad please
Image from Asiatic League

Laughing Yet?

We are, and there are more laughs to come, keep checking back for more funny cat pictures.

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  1. Lyndon Boord says:

    Haha that sure is a funny image. Thx for sharing it! =p

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