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Big Cat Line Drawings

By Paige

PumaWe’ve already featured the small & medium cats and created a special post for our favorite the tiger and this week we’ve got some more of the big cats for your coloring pleasure.

Yours For The Taking

We love the public domain, as it allows us to bring you a level of high quality cat you can’t get anywhere else. We hunted long and hard to track these line drawings down so you better color a few of them & make them your own.

*Click on each image or use the links underneath to see medium or large versions of each one.


Cheetah Line Drawing


Jaguar Line Drawing


Leopard Line Drawing


Lion Line Drawing


Puma Line Drawing

Out of Ideas

This concludes our line drawing series for the moment, we’ve run out of drawings to color. :( Be sure to check out the small & medium cats & the tiger drawings for more coloring fun & keep checking back for more!

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