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It Turns Out Cats Love Horses

Cat VideoWhile it’s no surprise to us (because we think horses are pretty awesome) cats really seem to have a thing for the large hoofed creatures.

Makes Sense

While it seems unlikely, it makes sense that the two would get along. The horse has no problem allowing kitty to be alpha and cats tend to be of the fearless sort.
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Pointed Cat Colors

Cat ColorsThe earliest pointed cats were Siamese, although the coloring has since spread, many people erroneously assume a pointed cat is, in fact, Siamese. Today there are a variety of breeds that display this characteristic.

Quick Education

All of the colors & patterns are based on a few basic solid colors, from there a variety of patterns & dilutions can be displayed. Today we are looking at pointed animals which don’t just come in solid colors, tabbies can be pointed too.

Pointed animals are bright cream with colored (or patterned) face, feet & tail. We stuck to the basic solid colors here.

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More Kitties in the Kitchen

Kitchen CatsA few months back we featured a selection of kitchen accessories & appliances with a cat theme & some seriously cute Hello Kitty kitchen items and believe it or not, we’ve got even more to share with you today.

Does Cat Hair Make it Taste Better?

We’re not so sure about our furry cat hanging out on kitchen counters (have you seen how they shed?) but we like the idea of kitty accents. Every idea below was hand selected by us for their usefulness & unique character. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Cat Stamps 3

Yemen Cat StampOver the past few months we’ve been featuring as much unique cat art as we can and this week is no different. We’ve already posted part 1 & part 2 of our stamp collection and this week it’s part 3.

Worldwide Mail

It’s fun to see how different (or similar) the stamps are between different countries. Needless to say Germany & Azerbaijan probably take the lead for the most kitty stamps (although Moldova is up there too). We expected to find lions & tigers & other big cats on more stamps, but to our surprise domestic cat seems to be a popular subject.
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Siamese – Ancient Cat Breeds

Siamese Cat

Image © Abe K

Although not many people have seen one in the flesh, Siamese cats are among the most distinguishable breeds on the planet. Their sleek profile simply looks fit for a king.

Thai Natives

This breed comes from the kingdom Siam (which is now called Thailand) where they are thought to descend from sacred temple cats. They are a legendary symbol of good luck & thought to ward off evil spirits which meant their aristocratic profile only graced temples and the homes of the royalty.

An Interesting Twist

Today there are two types of the breed, one the traditional Siamese with an apple shaped head and a robust build and the modern animal with a triangular head and a lithe, slender body.
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Sneaky Cat

Cat VideoWe run across a lot of great videos not from searching, but from our lovely friends on the various social networks and that’s where we found this. Even if you’ve already seen it, we’re pretty sure you’ll watch it again.

Wait For It…

Ok, we know it starts slow, but this sneaky cat is worth the wait. Anyone who says that cat’s don’t have a sense of humor is sorely mistaken and has clearly never met one.
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Felinest Cat Information on Kindle

Felinest KindleFor those of you who haven’t heard of Kindle, it is Amazon’s latest technology for bookworm techies – a wireless reading device. This allows readers to access to books & websites on a lightweight device that features a special screen which reduces glare and a battery that lasts a month on one charge.

Read About Cats Anywhere

Because we want our readers to be able to enjoy cats anywhere they go we’ve added Felinest blog to their service for those who prefer it. The Kindle device allows users to browse and wirelessly download hundreds of thousands of titles…not to mention the over 1.8 million out-of-copyright books that can be downloaded free of charge.
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Cat Ears

Cat Ear

Image from BillRhodesPhoto

Photographers have long been fascinated with the feline form, it’s sleek & perfectly suited as a predator. Domestic cat is an even larger enigma, how is this perfect predator now content to sit on our laps, get fat & purr?

Up Close & Personal

So we wanted to take a closer look at each part that makes up the whole animal. We’ve already featured close ups of their mesmerizing (& sometimes scary) eyes, the strange comb that is their tongue & now it’s time for their pert little ears. Although cute from a distance, their ears take on a life of their own when you take a macro look at them. Thanks to the photographers who had to be pretty close to capture these fantastic shots.
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Leopard Print Everything

Kitchen CatsWhile it’s true we love everything tiger the most, there is just something sassy about leopard print. Although we wouldn’t know what to do with a real leopard skin (other than cradle it while we rock back & forth crying our eyes out) we absolutely adore the fake stuff.

That Said

We ran around to find some of the coolest leopard ideas, accessories & gifts we could find. While we don’t recommend using them all at once (at least not all in the same room) they make fantastic & exotic accents to almost any decor. Every print idea below was hand selected by us for their sheer cool factor. For each item we’ve added a link to where they can be found on Amazon and a closer look where available.
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Bi-Colored Cat Coats

Cat ColorsThere is a huge variety of different cat colors, so many in fact that we are sure to miss a few here & there. But we wanted to bring you some of the basics, so you’ll know just by looking what color & pattern a cat is.

Quick Education

All of the colors & patterns are based on a few basic solid colors, from there a variety of patterns & dilutions can be displayed. Today we are taking a look at bi-colored cats which always show spots of white & one other color (or pattern).

There are five basic colors, black, red, blue, cream & brown. Here are examples of each bi-colored one (one or two of them are tabby’s too).

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