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Cat Eyes – Up Close

By Paige

Cat Eye

Image credit Axel Rouvin

Cats are famous for their their unique and sometimes creepy eyes.

In fact you can even purchase contact lenses which make human eyes appear catlike (also creepy) but that’s a post for another day.

Cat Eye

Image credit Rickydavid

Probably our favorite feature, the eyes can tell you a lot about an animal.

Cat Eye

Image credit Peter Gorges

Whether they want some attention or for you to buzz off, their eyes are usually a good indication of their emotions.

Cat Eye

Image credit Josh

Like human eyes, cat eyes come in all shapes, sizes and colors – the variety may even surprise you.

Cat Eye

Image credit vissago

Cat Eye

Image credit Andreas-photography

Cat Eye

Image credit Kristof Borkowski

Cat Eye

Image credit CaptPiper

Cat Eye

Image credit stendec

Cat Eye

Image credit redagain

Cat Eye

Image credit Andreas Solberg

Cat Eye

Image credit totins

116 Responses to “Cat Eyes – Up Close”

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  1. McLaughlin says:

    how about waking up early one morn and having one of those eyes about an inch from yours!

  2. That’s pretty cool stuff

  3. Beverly says:

    Only The Creator could do a job like that!

  4. Wolfie Rankin says:

    I think evolution had more of a hand in it.

  5. jesse says:

    Beverly, i assume you’re talking about billions of years of evolution?

  6. Really? says:

    Evolution could do a job like that too beverly!

  7. Heathen says:

    or… survival of the fittest. cats are amazing creatures :)

  8. antichrist says:

    god isn’t real you silly little Beverly.

  9. Michelle says:

    Go ahead and kid yourself….when you die and meet God, ask Him if He’s real! and ask Him about cats eyes, if you can find your voice :)

  10. amy says:

    did anyone ever stop to think that God had a hand in evolution? HElloooo? why can’t we all just get along and stop getting offended just because we all have different names for the same thing. Creator=Evolution=you and me=EVERYTHING… deep down inside we are all made of the same thing.

    • “did anyone ever stop to think that God had a hand in evolution? HElloooo? why can’t we all just get along and stop getting offended just because we all have different names for the same thing. Creator=Evolution=you and me=EVERYTHING… deep down inside we are all made of the same thing.”

      Thank you.

      Last time I looked this was about cat’s eyes, not religion. It’s funny that some people just can’t stay on topic just because they don’t personally agree with something someone else said. 😛 Just let it go….

    • Mushy says:

      YES, we are all made of atoms. (:

  11. John says:

    I love it that God’s the only acceptable imaginary friend. Theists are insane, literally.

  12. Eykk! says:

    Beverly can beleive what she wants, stop having a go. But it was evolution, in my opinion :)

  13. wtf says:

    Why does the internet comments blog always change subjects so quickly? It’s some pictures of cats eyes, and in 3 comments it turns into a supposed “intellectual” discussion on the unknowable existence of god which amounts to a stupid “god is real, nu uh, uh huh!” bickering conversation like we’ve been doing for the last several thousand years! Give it a rest…

    p.s. cool pics

  14. get real says:

    I agree with wtf. Do you really think you’re going to change anybody’s mind with a comment here?

    Back to the cats’ eyes: Creepy? They’re *beautiful*

  15. Chrysalis says:

    I agree Beverly…
    and Amy
    and wtf
    and I love these pictures!
    I have 8 cats at the moment and these are beautiful!

  16. FORJOY66 says:

    I am cracking up over the comments here, especially “wtf” saying it all changed quickly to an intellectual? conversation? ahahaHA! The cats eyes are intoxicating too by the way.

  17. Durr says:

    I love cats I have 2-5 (depends. some of them are strays, who come around every other day).

    An intellectual discussion? here? on the internets? More like flinging mud if you ask me.

    oh, and wtf: you’re just adding to the turmoil :p

  18. wtf says:

    Wow! I’m impressed at how well you guys pick up sarcasm!

  19. hdtv antenna says:

    I love these photos! Cats are such a beautiful creatures!

  20. Seanzs says:

    You should get some pics of the eyes of Pallas cats. They have round pupils. Nifty!

  21. wowmimicd says:

    what about fish eyes?

  22. wowmimicd says:

    who knowws what poot is all the kids at school talk bout poot i know its goo but why poot?

  23. Jimguru says:


  24. CatJesus says:

    Maybe this is a multidimensional universe and we’re all right on some level of it.

    Like I believe that God was actually a Gazillion year old cat who looked a lot like Elvis and had a beard made of wet ones and digestive cookies …or maybe… it was made of chocolate…I can’t remember.

    I guess…

    We will only really know….


    so shut the F-*-*-K U-P!!!

  25. Bob says:

    Comments ruined it.

  26. Skunkhair Jones says:

    My Awesomely-eyed Cat God is offended at both your “God” and “Evolution” theories. There is only one Awesomely-Eyed Cat God. His name is Puss Kittles and you shall recognize him as your true god or he will stare you down……. TO DEATH!!!

  27. Hey says:

    Haha I like the person that says “shopped” lol. Im not a cat fan but those were some very cool pictures.

  28. al says:

    Nice pictures

  29. your mom says:


  30. AutumBlack says:

    I love how most of the pictures also show what their owners homes and outside looks like, you can see the reflections on the eyes. This is I think one of the coolest pages I have ever stumbled on. Being able to look at a cat’s eye brings me great joy, but being able to see what they are looking at is so much more interesting!

  31. Matthew says:

    Aw lets continue fighting…evolution is GAY…and…go!

  32. Susan says:

    Wait, if evolution were gay … there wouldn’t be any procreation, so no evolution. Ipso fatso, no way!

  33. Jimguru says:

    …but wait!! it’s the chicken and the egg. the statement infers that evolution does exist (in order for it to be gay). so evolution is gay!!

  34. rajagopal says:

    Its COOL & fantastic. GOD only can create such things

  35. Jeff says:

    Those eyes are kind of creeping me out.

  36. truth says:

    “It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.” – Albert Einstein

    Think of this. At one time, it was thought that the earth was flat. that was proven scientifically false. then, the sun WAS the center of the universe. Again, false. People, as time marches forward and technology increases, we will be be able to explain everything that happens in our known universe through math and science, but I feel we will eventually reach a point, reach something, that cannot be explainable by any means other than some higher power. That my friends is what god is.

  37. Huskey27 says:

    heres a funny theory

    your better off to believe in a god of some sort because if you die and it/he/she doesnt exist no big deal you’ve done no harm

    but if she/it/he DOES exsist at least your in the good books for believing

  38. AEE says:

    God only exists because people believe God exists. End of story.

    I think it’s time we all stopped arguing with each other about it and focus on dealing with what is right in front of us.

    Here is a link to a interesting video clip of an interview with a deeply inspiring person, David Attenborough. He shares his thoughts on the existence of God and religion. Please watch:

  39. Renee says:

    I personally believe that the earth and everything on it could not have just been tossed together by science, and God had a hand in it. Things like that aren’t just coincidence. God created science, but controls it also, which is why we are all living. There may not be an actual God, but there is a force greater and more powerful than we can imagine, and we need a name for that spirit… beautiful cat eyes, anyway.

    • coolcat says:

      So you believe something was created by nothing. Look at your computer. It must have a designer, and so must the world. Cats are amazing creatures. They are incredibly complex. They are made up of cells that are also complex. How could this be put together by chance without anything for it to evolve from?

    • TottenhamChickeeOncNurse says:

      Athough i’m pissed off at myself for entering this bloody conversation ON A CAT SITE, i can’t help but ask….If God is responsible for all this beauty, then He too, must be responsible for the bad and the ugly as well? WHYYYYYY would He allow cancer, pedophiles, a users, rapists, murders, etc., etc. ONTO THIS EARTH????? WHY?????

      RE the pics; *•*•*BEAUTIFUL!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!*•*•* The only other pic I’d’ve asked for is one where their eyes AND PUPILS are bright and ROUND, rather than somewhat to almond shaped & slit!!! The latter often freaks me out!!

  40. Old Wise Man says:

    People, the beauty of believing, whether to believe in or believe in not,is that it is a personal choice. When we make our beliefs public (as you have all proven) we reach an impasse of conflict and chaos. The author gifted us with these beautiful and marvelous photos of cats’ eyes, and instead of thanking him/her, we squabbled over beliefs. It is a sad day indeed. Thank you for these pictures, they truly inspire awe.

  41. wait... so you think... says:

    For those “evolutionists” up there…

    You believe that there was nothing, then nothing happened to this nothing, causing the nothing to magically explode for no reason and create everything, and then a bunch of the everything magically rearranged itself into self replicating bits which eventually turned into dinosaurs?

    That makes sense.

    I agree with Beverly

  42. meg says:



  43. rose says:

    You believe that there was nothing, then nothing happened to this nothing, causing the nothing to magically explode for no reason and create everything, and then a bunch of the everything magically rearranged itself into self replicating bits which eventually turned into dinosaurs? (written by wait…so you think…)

    In reply to that:
    Yep because that makes so much more sense than some guy randomly popping up from somewhere (who knows where from, maybe pluto) and zapping together a world in a week.

    By the way, the pictures are great, good talent. =)

  44. :) says:

    in reply to amy:
    yeah blood and guts and other mooshy unmentionable stuff.

  45. Happy Facelol says:

    Rose, In the beginning there wasn’t nothing, there was a point of hyper-condensed matter, which exploded

  46. […] you haven’t checked out the kitty cat eyeballs you are surely missing out. Here are some crazy looking close ups of cat […]

  47. Seriously, Guys... says:

    To everyone talking about God and Evolution and all that good stuff: I think the Goddess did a wonderful job creating cats. That is all.

    As for the pictures: I don’t think cats’ eyes are really creepy, more of hypnotizing. These pictures have the ability to control thousands upon millions of people, I shall use this power for my own will.

    That is all.

  48. Bufis says:

    Happy Facelol, didn’t the hyper-condensed matter technically inflate?

  49. courtney says:

    LOL @ Beverly. I don’t think “the creator” did that. I think it was evolution.


    • believer says:

      and I assumed that you are one the evolution product. Imagine what was your first form before you are evolve into something called human. A cell or something hairy?

  50. Gizzy says:

    Pardon me but………we were just looking at some beautiful photography! Where did the religion thing come in? You all went off on a tangent not related to the pictures. One persons comment is just that, a comment not to be taken apart,theorized, or ridiculed. People have to stop looking for a fight in someone saying what they will about a picture. IT IS ART, no more no less. Just enjoy the beauty and let others do the same without comment on their comment.

  51. Gizzy says:

    After note: To the photographers……Wow great Photos!! I think you found a beautiful subject! Cats!

  52. torry says:

    hah, god, my only therapist, and yet in the long run, i dont belive in it!

  53. Rebecca says:

    wow, my cat has pretty crazy eye. round the pupil they are jade green and they fade out to amber

  54. k.s. says:

    why is it that everything in the internet that is beatiful or amazing people have to turn into a religous debate why are you people like this what is wrong with the world its like god this evolution that score one for god in your face only god could why doesnt everyone just be happy that the world w live in is a beatiful one and just smile already people have to turn everything beatiful ugly thats right ugly how would god feel if he watchd everyone of his christians just be so argumenitive about his planet istead of just engoing his gift and how would that germ feel if it new that after a thousand years f evolving that all we have to do is fricken argue its a cats eye its beautiful just be happy

  55. k.s. says:

    its an eye its not a down with jesus symbol or a site about evolution whats wrong with you and this comes from someone who has no religous and im not athist i like to belive that yeh somethings up there it makes me feel better so im not so freeking bored in science and church im just happy and living my life if i die ill thank god if hes real or budduh or the frricken microism whatever im just happy

  56. Rowan says:

    Wow. Punctuation, people! The internet is making you lazy.

  57. sarah storm says:

    I always knew my cat was magical

  58. MrBurrows says:

    Dammit Rowan… you beat me to my comment.
    And on the god and evolution debate, I ask, who the fuck cares? You cannot prove one way or the other at the moment, so ignore it. Even if there is a higher power, there is no way they want people to go out of their way to worship them. They decided to play The Sims one day, or maybe Spore, and that’s it. Now shut up and eat your meat. You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat. How can you have pudding if you haven’t had any meat?

    P.S. Cat’s eyes are awesome.

  59. Ian says:

    God is photoshopped.

  60. Wintershade says:

    My dear creationist and evolution theory trolls… both of you should get a grip of reality.

    Those of you who know and understand (not believe, KNOW) about evolution should realize that you cannot debate reasonably with people with imaginary friends, because if you could, those people wouldn’t have imaginary friends whom they credit for creating everything. (BTW, MrBurrows, you’d be surprised to see how much evidence there is that proves the existence of evolution. Many of them are before your very eyes.)

    Creationists, please. God cannot create something like this (or anything at all), for one simple reason – a nonexistent thing cannot create anything that is in our existence. Therefore god cannot create. At least not in reality. In fairy-tales, perhaps. Not in the real world.

    Back to the topic – these images are awesome, as is the nature itself in it’s diversity is as awesome as well.

  61. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    To the person who said “first”… You are SO not first.

    And these are SO not photoshopped.

    They are beautiful cats’ eyes, as natural as can be. So nyeh.

    Kitty kitty kitty…

  62. webhawk50 says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks!

  63. u guys really do change the subject quickly, and those photos are aboslutely *beautiful* and i wish i could take some interesting perspective photos of cat eyes, and as the things under the photos say, their eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and it DID surprise me! my favourite photo was the one of the cat facing up, when u cant actually SEE the iris, because it is such a different perspective! thanks for the pics guys!!!! 😀

  64. Nuria says:


  65. Claudia says:

    Wow, they say the eyes are the windows of the soul…some pretty beautiful souls here! :-) thanks!

  66. HDR Cats says:

    […] you like cat photography why not check out some crazy cat eyes and tongues close […]

  67. i luv cats says:

    i have just read the earlier posts from truth, old wise man and rose, and a few others up there. you people have really confused me. man, i really need to go and have a lie down and think about wot i hav just read

  68. Graculus says:

    Celing Cat approves.

  69. Isis says:

    I hate when you can see the photographer/camera/background in their eyes, I prefer looking into that deep black pupil more than anything. The one by Andreas-photography is my favorite!

  70. fed up says:

    Well, I think these pictures are pretty amazing, I know if I tried to get up close and take a photo of my cat’s eye she’d probably have mine out first.

    Thank you to the publisher and the photographers and I have to say the cat tongue photos are pretty incredible too.

    Oh, and the rest of you p-l-e-a-s-e shut up about religion/evolution, I’m sure there is a more suitable website for your opinated bs, most of us couldn’t give a care either way, this is about the photos that are presented to you. Just appreciate those or find another webpage to spout at!

    [Who would have known cat’s eyes could have caused such a fuss!? They must be all powerful!]

    Thank you.

  71. Kristen says:

    sooo pretty I love seeing those!

  72. ping says:

    Awesome. Cats eyes are always interesting! :)

  73. Debbie says:

    The range of eye colors shown here seem like an affirmation to my theory that the personality differences of cats are as diverse as those of us humans. I found those pictures gorgeous and mesmerizing.

  74. Ashley says:

    beautiful eyes the cats have I have 2

  75. Jim says:

    God will answer all your questions the second you die and are immediately judged.
    The 4 last things: Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell. Silly atheists.

  76. Kellyg says:

    Cat’s eyes are amazing. Thank you both God and evolution!

  77. Why does the internet comments blog always change subjects so quickly? It’s some pictures of cats eyes, and in 3 comments it turns into a supposed “intellectual” discussion on the unknowable existence of god which amounts to a stupid “god is real, nu uh, uh huh!”

  78. Holly says:

    Has anyone considered that a lot of those eye colours wouldnt occur had the animals not been captive bred by people?

  79. CatLover says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww I just ADORE cats! 8D
    Lol, you can see the guy holding the camera as a reflection in the last cat picture’s eye xD

  80. No proof of evolution. says:

    There isn’t one single thread of evidence that something evolved out of nothing. There are no missing links of any kind to prove that. If there is then send it my way please.

  81. bjr118 says:

    Where do cats go when they die?

  82. katy haywood says:

    one day my mum got me a cat it was fat and his name is bandit erins cat went to my antie maggis home erin criyid wehw hewhewhe

  83. Foxheart says:

    These are cool eyes! And yes, I am speaking from experience.

  84. Sounds like ordinary common cat fight to me,with lots of noise

    I like the pics alot,makes me want to go give it a try. Blessings on ya Gary

  85. lilya says:

    I love the second and the sixth eyes! Absolutely gorgeous. Hmm, I wonder what word you could use to describe the colour? Turquoise, maybe?

  86. Chris says:

    Yes, wintershade is 100% correct. God doesn’t exist simply because wintershade said so. Because wintershade knows everything, because science told him that he is super smart. I think wintershade needs a cat, so wintershade can be aware of his own insignificance to the universe.

  87. FallenWolf says:

    I wish I had eyes like that.. to see the beauty of the world.

  88. Sounds like ordinary common cat fight to me,with lots of noise

  89. one day my mum got me a cat it was fat and his name is bandit erins

  90. Where do cats go when they die?

  91. britteny says:

    Cat eyes are beyond unique in there own ways. Us (human) just don’t take the time to notice them. Up close the cats eye is even more than a work of art…it is a work of the gods(if you know what I mean).

  92. LalaZ says:

    Oh wow!!! Those shots are amazing! I have three cats at the moment, love to have four, God’s so creative! :) =^-^=

  93. lovin katty cittys! says:

    Just shut up about anything but the cats! This site isn’t about GOD, it’s about cats! People can’t enjoy anything anymore without saying someone or something is gay! All you people talking trash, you are really stupid because you don’t know how to stay on one topic! =-:

  94. Mr Awesome. says:

    i like them :) i think ill Photoshop them onto people 😀

    and as for the religion stuff… id say drop all religion and do something more productive.. on Sundays wake up early and clean those spots of the house you’ve been neglecting.. sounds more fair to me.. lol

  95. OMG this is exactly what i needed thnx for who ever posted these pictures! xo

  96. Skallagrim says:

    Nice collection of pics, man! I think evolution said its word. Not only with cats, not only with humans, with almost everything. So, to all of you out there who believe God is our creator, answer me this:
    – Where is God when one brother kills another?
    – Where is God when a mother looses her child at birth?
    – Remember the Inquisition? Where was God then? Would you pay for your sins in money? Would God want that?

    Maybe there is something or someone up there, but where is up there?
    PS: Sorry for ruining the topic about the cat eyes, but give it a rest already!
    PPS: I’ve another idea! Cats weren’t created neither by God or Evolution, they are cyborgs from the future! Lmao! Just, give it a rest!!!

  97. dominatewolf says:

    really really you think evolution has a big part in our life looks what its done .. its created more and more disaters …we dont need new machinery we dont nees new offices and we damn sure dont need any more shopping malls thats is the worst thing invited known to man ,

  98. Silent Symphony says:

    I love cat’s eyes. Anytime I want to know how my cat, Gar, is feeling, I just have to look at his eyes to know. I really want to learn how to take a decent picture of his eye, though! His eyes are golden with smile, green little designs in them. :)

  99. VoiceOfReason says:

    Einstein (who was smarter than anyone, including me, who has posted to this comment string, said, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” I agree with him: creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive.

    Believe what you want, let others do the same, and may the Force be with you; enjoy all of the beautiful creatures, regardless of how they got here.

    You have wonderful pictures here, btw.

  100. HOLY CRAP!!!…….. I think thier cute… yeah.. it’s my intervisousness and I have saved the cutest ones ( a.k.a. creepiest) to my documents in my pictures. Besides… I like the wolf one the most. Good job getting the pics. Other then that, there is nothing else to be said from me.

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