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Cat Tongues Close Up – Mmmmm

By Paige

If you haven’t checked out the kitty cat eyeballs you are surely missing out.

Here are some crazy looking close ups of cat tongues

Cat Tongue

Image from .Jennifer Leigh.

Ever taken a good look at a cat’s tongue? Seems like a strange thing to do, but we decided it was time to take a look, up close and personal. (After dinner, of course).

Cat Tongue

Image from Olaf

Who knew cats had a comb on the end of their tongue anyway?

Cat Tongue

Image from The Pack

Cat Tongue

Image from Malingering

Cat Tongue

Image from tompagenet

Cat Tongue

Image from Malingering

Cat Tongue

Image from opactiy

Cat Tongue

Image from Nautical9

Cat Tongue

Image from zaser

Don’t forget to have a look at kitty cat peepers too.

43 Responses to “Cat Tongues Close Up – Mmmmm”

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  1. roentarre says:

    That tongue is very vividly captured

  2. Gizzy says:

    I love those little combs. They do great jobs of cleaning…but alas the poor kitty has the hairball to contend with. Kittens need that tongue. The coat needs that tongue. Not to mention other areas that need that tongue……Glad I’m not a cat but I sure do love a good cat bath once in a while……even if it is a little rough!

    • TottenhamChickeeOncNurse says:

      What, exactly, do you claim is ‘shopped?’

      • ohrahhr says:

        BAHAHAH. That’s definitely not photoshopped.

        • JessMan says:

          Most images online are well acquainted with photoshop (or some kind of image editing). You can’t make any of these images look this way without some editing.
          Plus I know for certain that all but 2 of these images have been edited in photoshop. I checked the meta-data. And the other 2 have had their meta-data stripped.
          I’m not arguing about whether or not cats have barbs on their tongues. I’m telling you it’s a fact that every single one of these images were edited.

  3. Love that photo, they have that coolest tongues. Thanks for sharing.

  4. marcela says:

    every cat owner should be provided with a similar tongue, to get rid of their partners hair.

  5. Niceh Pro says:

    That is too freaky, I don’t know if I want a cat now :)

  6. Kerileena says:

    freaky or not, you want a cat. It felt weird, but my cat liked to lick my eyes when i wore make up. I didn’t love it at the time, but I sure miss it now. RIP Dollie.

    • TottenhamChickeeOncNurse says:

      Possibly because some make-up is made with / from BAT DROPPINGS or GUANO, which cats are actually attracted to!!! :o)

  7. Our little kitty Scritchit will never be looked upon the same way again. What vivid photos. A beautiful display of Gods wonder it never ceases to leave me awestruck.

  8. Lori Masters says:

    and the point is….?

  9. Paige says:

    and your point is…?

  10. Jar says:

    Okkkkkaaayyyyy…. This is really akward, but at the same time it’s really interesting. Who would have known that cats had hairs in their tongues.

  11. When my cat licks my arm in the same spot for more than 5 seconds it kind of starts to hurt. Cat tongues are great for cat reasons, but bad for licking human skin.

  12. Jean L says:

    WoW. I’m a nose person, but tongues are cool too .

  13. Monado says:

    And that’s why cats love to be brushed with those short wire brushes, nail brushes, knobbly plastic hairbrushes, etc. It reminds them of Mother and lets you take off some of the excess hair that they’re not losing by slipping through the tall grass.

  14. Tyler B says:

    My cats breath tastes like cat foooood…

  15. Tyler B says:

    smells like haha

  16. Tyler B says:

    I just ruined that didn’t I?

  17. veri says:

    you didn’t ruin it.

  18. toz says:

    akward very because i ahve a cat and she licks me

  19. Shadow Conners says:

    Wow, that is incredible. I myself have a young Tabby named Kage. If I sit on the couch he jumps onto the top back of the couch and licks my hair. I noticed after a while my hair was kinda… neater and combed looking. This just told me why, lol.

  20. Jay says:

    Our cat Peter loves to groom us… unfortunately it’s at night and he wakes us from a sound sleep. That little sandpaper tongue licking the back of your neck will definately wake you. He also loves to chew on our heads.

  21. taylor says:

    that is so effing weird

  22. ShelbieGT says:

    I’m glad people dont have spiky tongues, lol they look like little teeth! would make french kissing very unpleasant.

  23. velvet says:

    This was very helpful in explaining to my son what was on his cats tongue. He finally realized that they were claws.

  24. mary says:

    Movie actor Johnny Depp looks like a cat.
    Think he might have a scratchy tongue?

  25. person and stuff says:

    o oh,
    i think someone is gonna get a furball stuck in their throut!

  26. Jenno says:

    eughhh, cats are cute but the cats tongues are disgusting! they make me cringe badly.

  27. NY-Rich says:

    That tongue is specially designed for pulling meat off the bones of prey.

    (also great for grooming… and a few other things)

    Cats are such amazing animals.

  28. Skitzofreni says:

    Ever tried being licked by a cat? it feels like being kissed by a unicorn because of the tickly barbs 😀

  29. Catpeople says:

    I don’t know how I ended up at this website but you people are friggin disturbed for:
    A) wishing you had a cat tongue
    B) enjoying a gross cat licking you. I hope everytime your cat licks you he/she previously cleaned crap off their undercarriage.

    You all are ultra creepy and I think I need a shower after reading your strange comments

  30. soki says:

    is everybody here a furry or something?

  31. Sohinki says:

    I swear…My brother has a tounge like this…

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