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Alligator and Crocodile Eyes – Beware

By Paige

Alligator Eyes

Image credit OakleyOriginals
Behind the eyes of these predators there lies a cunningness and a thrill for the hunt that most humans will never quite understand…

Crocodile Eyes

Image credit leafbug

Perhaps it’s that car crash mentality that makes it so difficult to look away from the direct stare of a carnivore big enough to make us dinner.

Alligator Eyes

Image credit Pipistrula

Gators and crocs are very different animals, but in the creepy stare department they quite similar. Most images are alligators, but there are a few crocodiles in there, can you spot them?

Crocodile Eyes

Image credit m3nt4t

Can you spot the similarities with cats eyes?

Alligator Eyes

Image credit dotben

Crocodile Eyes

Image credit vikhoa

Alligator Eyes

Image credit digicla

Alligator Eyes

Image credit kirklandj

Alligator Eyes

Image credit pokpok313

Alligator Eyes

Image credit mtsofan

Crocodile Eyes

Image credit igormazic

Crocodile Eyes

Image credit TwelveX

Learn More About The Animals

For whatever reason you are fascinated with crocodiles and alligators you might want to learn more about them.

4 Responses to “Alligator and Crocodile Eyes – Beware”

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  1. These are some stunning photographs! And wow–impressive animals. Crocodiles are known for one of the worlds largest recorded bite-forces: More than 5,000 pounds PSI!

  2. star says:

    always wondered the connection with cats and crocs, did the evolution of the cat line spin off from ancient crocs?

  3. Douce Bag sac le bleu says:

    This was pree cool this is douche bag sac le bleu siging off

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