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Cool Old Cat Ads

By Paige

Cat AdAdvertising is all around us every day. And as the electronic age shows us the future, it’s fun to look back at the ads of a simpler time.

Using animals as props in advertising is nothing new and of course cats are a popular choice. They are heavy on personality & capable of evoking emotion in people.

Through The Years

Below is a fun mix of adverts from the 19th & 20th centuries that feature felines. Interestingly enough not a single one of them is for a cat-related product, they are all aimed at people.

Let’s face it, cats are cool. In fact, they like to think of themselves as coolness personified – just ask one.


Cat Ad


Cat Ad


Cat Ad


Cat Ad


Cat Ad


Cat Ad

Image from Allen Garvin
Early 20th Century

Cat Ad


Cat Ad

Image from jbcurio

Feel Like Buying

They are a far cry from the electronic adverts of today, but it’s interesting to see which products used cats as marketing tools. We like the Corvette ad the best, but what, exactly do cat’s have to do with cars?

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